Single Session

NOK 650    |   60 MINUTES

A single session is typically aimed at steering the dog in the right direction and establishing clear boundaries. The emphasis lies in guiding owners so they can maintain consistent work with their dog.
Depending on our goals and the progress desired, follow-up sessions might be recommended.

I concentrate solely on individual cases and do not provide group classes.
Sessions are primarily conducted through home visits, with the option of a board & train program available in some cases.

A single session can only be booked following an initial consultation.

Basic Obedience

Establishing a strong foundation for puppies and adult dogs involves teaching basic commands tailored to the dog’s breed, function, and the owner’s lifestyle needs.


sit / stay / down / heel / recall / leave it / yes / no / break

Behaviour Modification

Identifying the reason(s) behind problematic or challenging behaviour and adjusting accordingly. Behaviour modification is applicable to dogs of all ages.

The main focus is to identify the origins of unwanted behaviours and then finding suitable solutions to address them effectively.

The objective is for you and your dog to live harmoniously, understanding each other, without the stress-causing hiccups that affect both owner and dog.

This is usually the beginning of a more extended journey because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

More often than not it is a deep rooted issue that requires consistent work over a longer period. Often, it’s a deeply rooted issue that demands consistent, long-term effort. Since each dog is unique in personality and past experiences, a customized approach and consistency are crucial.


leash reactivity / fearfulness / excessive barking / seperation anxiety / resource guarding / urinating inside

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