Dog Center is based in the stunning area of the Kvænangen municipality, where we focus on creating authentic experiences and celebrating our unique bond with dogs.
Discover our tours and immerse yourself in the stunning nature of Finnmark, North Norway.

Husky Hike

Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Price: from NOK 1800

Husky Expedition

Duration: custom
Price: on request


We believe in encouraging honest and strong relationships with dogs, ensuring they experience the most natural and fulfilling lives possible. Through the right balance of guidance, excitement, care and love, we aim to give every dog the quality of life they deserve. That's why we provide personalised one-on-one training services with the focus on obedience and behaviour modification.


Duration: 30 mins
Price: FREE


Session - Single

Duration: 60 min
Price: NOK 650

Session - Bundle

Duration: custom
Price: on request

Gerald van Gelder

Originally from the Netherlands but finding my place in the wilderness of North Norway, my journey with dogs began long ago. Growing up, I always found a trusted friend in these incredible animals. They’ve been a constant source of joy and understanding, shaping my view that dogs aren’t just pets; they’re cherished members of our families.

Since 2018, I’ve dedicated myself to working closely with dogs, immersing myself in their world and gaining invaluable experience along the way. My own pack has been instrumental in deepening my comprehension of dog behavior and communication. They are not just my companions; they’re my inspiration and training partners, allowing me to develop and refine my philosophy and skills.

As a dog trainer, my motivation stems from a desire to improve the lives of both dogs and their owners, establishing a harmonious coexistence. It’s not just about training; it’s about facilitating a life filled with mutual understanding, respect, and joy.

My journey isn’t just about training; it’s about sharing the beautiful bond between humans and dogs, combining it with the incredible natural surroundings of North Norway. Dog Center was created from this desire to merge the profound connection with dogs with the stunning landscapes, creating a platform that offers unique tours

The Pack

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